Chongqing’s Hotpot Culture

Chongqing is a famous city with great ancient culture. In 1371, during the Ming dynasty, also known as the era of Zhuyuanzhang, Chongqing Shiqimen was established. Shiqimen means seventeen gates of Chongqing, It has some special symbols such as “8 tri-grams and 9 halls diagram”(九宫八卦)which is similar to the Western twelve constellations, but has a different meaning. In Chinese, it is also called ”Fengshui”(风水)。

Chongqing Bajiumen Marvelous Jiugongge Hot Pot, dates from the Ming dynasty, about 600 years ago. It inherited the traditional technology of Chongqing hot pot, popularized the historical culture of Chongqing gates, and was the first to create a Ming dynasty style Hot Pot. The most famous and typical characteristics are: historical culture of Chongqing gates, marvelous Jiugongge Patent Hot Pot, and nine kinds of delicious trips.