Chongqing’s HotPot Style

Inspired by Chongqing’s famous hotpot culture and flavors from 600 years ago. Our vision is to bring the taste of China to America without losing the quality, culture, style, and experience.

Our popularity comes from our soup base. Infused in dozens of spices with beef butter that we specially made inhouse, the rich flavors of our hotpot come from the freshest ingredients–otherwise the taste
would not be the same. Our

There is no MSG added, all authentic flavors brought over from China and fresh ingredients picked from the market in the morning.

One of our most popular speciality dishes customers frequently order is our ‘crunchy fish’ that cooks in 6-7 seconds in the hotpot.

Perfectly sliced meat and kept at a cold temperature to ensure the best texture and experience when cooking the meat around 20-30 seconds in hotpot.

 The story and origins


Chongqing’s hotpot culture dates back to 600 years ago when meat was not affordable except other parts of the animal such as the intestines, tripe, and fat. This herbal and spice flavored hotpot style was designed in the past to consume these parts of the animal in their most delicious form. Over time, this style of hotpot has evolved to become a delicacy for its rich herbal taste and spice levels like no other.

Served together with entertainment such as the Chinese opera, Chongqing’s hotpot culture is the perfect way to bring people together and celebrate. 3kingdoms aspires to capture the essence of this traditional hotpot culture by incorporating karaoke and round tables to eat, drink, and sing together.