About the Restaurant

Our vision is to bring the taste of China to America without losing the quality, culture, style, and experience.

For special room reservations, we invite you to celebrate together with either your VIP guests or loved ones to sing karaoke and rejoice together over hotpot on any occasion.

About the Founders

Our founders of this branch of the restaurant desired to bring the taste of China to America after living in America for many years.

Missing the cuisine, spices, and flavors of authentic Chinese hotpot, they have traveled to China to handpick and find the most authentic spices and herbs typically used in hotpot.

These flavors found in Three Kingdoms hotpot are inspired by Chongqing’s famous hotpot culture and flavors from 600 years ago.

Our founders aspire to bring the spice levels and the environment to be the same as the version back in China by handpicking spices directly from there.